Upside-Down Friday

Hugo doesn’t like Upside-Down Fridays.

The day is the wrong way round; lunchtime is at morning teatime, and all his classmates’ smiles look like frowns.

How will Hugo learn to tame the butterflies in his tummy and find the fun to be had in change?

Young children’s lives are full of big, scary changes like going to school and making new friends. Help them to build emotional resilience, and find the fun in days that don’t go to plan!

Upside-Down Friday has been listed on the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge K-2 List.

Reviews for Upside-Down Friday: 

“A relatable story for young and old about the importance of emotional wellbeing … and a useful resource to help guide children through anxiety when things don’t go according to plan” Children Book Council of Australia’s Reading Time

“The stunning illustrations by the talented Nicki Johnston make the story float. Her perfect choice of delicate colours and the use of animals as characters, adorn the pages with expressive images, whether upside-down or right-side-up.” Kids’ Book Review

“As a former teacher and parent, I really appreciated a common childhood anxiety being covered in this cute story about facing fears and building resilience.” Love Four Learning

“For those who can adapt easily to change, it is often difficult to understand the anxiety of those who can’t, so as well as supporting the routine-dependent by acknowledging their problem, this gentle story helps the others understand.” The Bottom Shelf

Buy Now Published by EK Books (April 2021)